Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV)
Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) is a global standard for operation and acceptance of integrated circuit cards or "chip cards". EMV certified terminals significantly reduce the risk of fraud and merchants will be required to use this certified equipment by October 2015. Service First Processing can help you become EMV compliant and reduce your exposure to liability.

PCI Compliance services
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance is the new standard for bank card security. All merchants are required to become PCI compliant to insure that card holder information is always safe. At Service First Processing, we help our clients determine and implement solutions that insure compliance and data security.

ACH / Check Services
We offer a variety of Check Services to suite your businesses needs. From electronic deposits and fraud alerts to check guarantee, we offer solutions that enhance efficiency and reduce the risk of accepting bad checks.

Amex Program Pricing
One deposit, One account, One reconciliation, One simple program for your business. You will receive American Express transactions on the same day you receive Visa, Mastercard & Discover transactions. This can simplify reconciliation and avoid the monthly service fee's from American Express.

*American Express may require separate approval

Merchant funding / lending
Merchant Lending provides merchants access to funds as an alternative to traditional bank loans. This program enables business operators to leverage future revenue into instant operating capital based on future Visa/MasterCard receivables.

Gift Cards
Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards offer a way for companies to increase brand loyalty and collect on advanced sales. Our Gift Card program is scalable and can be tailored to fit almost any budget.

Equipment Sales and Leasing
Having the right equipment for your credit card processing is important. In most cases we can reprogram the equipment you already own. We also sell and lease equipment for all of your processing needs.

Seamlessly integrate your QuickBooks® accounting software with our processing solutions. With Service First Processing, you will receive our premium pricing while maintaining the accounting software, systems and protocols you already have in place. In addition to your present QuickBooks® functionally you will have enhanced capabilities to increase efficiency and reduce your costs.